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“We brought [Ryan] on because we believe there’s some really interesting opportunities, work and clients here … We have the opportunity to really up the promotion and integrate what we’re doing in more of a creative way.”

Ryan Semeniuk has joined Edelman Vancouver as Creative Director, bringing more than a decade of experience at top advertising agencies. His hire signals the company’s commitment to delivering highly innovative and integrated communications marketing work. Read the full story from Strategy.

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“Yes, content is king, but distribution is Queen and the platforms [you share it on] are God,” said Zaman, whose PR clients regularly ask how to get more views and value out of their content. “Consider it like a record: it might be critically acclaimed but you also want it to be commercially successful.”

CPRS Toronto held a Paid Media in Public Relations event where Saeed Zaman, Senior Account Director and Paid Media Lead at Edelman, was on a panel of Canadian communication experts talking about new paid channels and sharing best practices on developing excellent content. Read the full article here.

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“Dan Ovsey recommended trying to bring the journalists into the story. Let bloggers, journalists and other influencers test things out and ask questions when you pitch your idea or send them product samples. Encourage them to give you honest feedback, statements and quotes in return. When you type up your press statement, be sure to include the opinions and quotes of the reporters you reached out to”.

Dan Ovsey, account director and earned media specialist, participated in a live webinar for Marketwired focusing on creative earned media pitching techniques. Read more on Ecomdash here.

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“First, and most obviously, startups are new to the marketplace and have little mindshare among the public. Second, the impacts of new and innovative products and services that target businesses and consumers aren’t always easily understood, and in some cases are met with real skepticism. If you can articulate your story well, you can raise potential barriers to adoption and get people excited about what your company is trying to achieve”.

Jason Kinnear, senior vice-president and national technology sector lead of Edelman Canada, discusses with Aislinn Malszecki, Associate, Online Content on the entrepreneurship programs team at MaRS, the latest trends in startup public relations and why PR is a powerful tool for supporting your business objectives. Read more on MaRS here.

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Edelman Canada Named One of Canada’s Best Workplaces

We’re thrilled to announce that for the fourth year in a row, the Great Place to Work® Institute has named Edelman Canada one of Canada’s Best Workplaces and one of Canada’s Best Workplaces for Women!

Check out the article in today’s Globe and Mail here!

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Our very own Jordan Doucette, National Executive Creative Director, will be on the public relations jury for the 2015 CLIO awards. The deadline for entries is May 15 and the awards will be held at a ceremony in New York on Sept. 30. Read more in Strategy here.

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“It’s easy to assume that the natural leaders in your company will always display those winning qualities. But if the executive team doesn’t make a conscious effort to lead those leaders – and that includes communicating with them frequently and openly – the trust that’s so crucial to retaining and nurturing these top-performing employees will be lost.”

In this edition of the Globe Careers’ Leadership Lab series, Lisa Kimmel, president of Edelman Canada, discusses the big transition occurring at Edelman with restructuring the way our teams operate. Despite the uncertainty that comes with a big transition within a business, Lisa lists some key insights from her own experience and Edelman’s Employee Engagement team, on how treating employees well will nurture them into leaders. Read the full article here.

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“The most memorable milestone for me was a project we worked on last June during NXNE called the MiO Squirtcar. In response to a client brief to make news of their title sponsorship of the festival, the team at Edelman came up with this crazy idea to turn a working Queen St. streetcar into an actual venue for the festival. We worked with NXNE and Much to curate some amazing bands that played on the streetcar for all four nights of the music festival.”

Ryley Murray, Earned Media Specialist and Account Manager of Edelman’s consumer team, was featured in Today’s Notable Young Professional where she talks about her love for media relations, telling incredible stories about her clients and what she’s learned through unexpected challenges in her career. Read the full article here.

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“Over the last few years, [Edelman] has been moving towards a model that gives the work to the office that is best suited to the creative need. Promoting people into positions with a national purview is meant to provide more guidance in deploying those capabilities, both at a regional and national level.”

Edelman Canada promotes five people up the ladder, allowing the agency to deliver better work for their clients across a national level. Read the full article here.

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“Kimmel has, simply put, revolutionized her office’s corporate culture. A strong believer in the value of employee satisfaction, she used her keen insight to usher Edelman Toronto into an unparalleled era of growth and verve.”

Lisa Kimmel, General Manager of Edelman Toronto, was recently profiled in the Jewish Review.  Read the full article beginning on page 50, Being a People Person: The Strongest Level of Leadership here.



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“Based on a LinkedIn profile, I thought an SVP at Edelman US had a really interesting digital role. I picked up the phone and called him directly. What transpired was a great, candid insight to his day-to-day and where he thought the agency was headed. I liked what I heard, particularly about Edelman’s evolution as a truly integrated communications-marketing firm. One year later I was at Edelman Toronto.”

Bianca Freedman, Account Director of Edelman’s Digital team, was featured in Today’s Notable Young Professional where she discusses her role at Edelman, what success looks like and the challenges she’s had to overcome in her career. Read the full article here.


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2014 Agency of the Year shortlist: Edelman

“Clients are looking for the best ideas,” whether they come from a creative, digital or PR agency, [John Clinton] says. Increasingly, Edelman is looking like all three combined.”

We are excited to announce that Edelman has been shortlisted for 2014 agency of the year by Marketing Magazine. Thanks to the firm’s recent investment in digital and creative talent, all while adding paid media to the mix, Edelman has been able to deliver the best ideas for clients including the Kraft MiO Squirtcar. Read the full article here.

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“To me, balance is paying attention to my family, my career and my mental and physical health, all of which are very important to me.”

John Clinton, CEO of Edelman Canada, shares his approach to work-life balance and discusses how career professionals can achieve ways to find time to spend with family and friends, doing things they love. Read the full article on The Globe and Mail’s Leadership Lab Series.

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“When employees know you’re being open and honest, their respect for you and their trust in your leadership contributes to a strong corporate culture – and in turn, creates important advocates for your company.”

In this edition of the Globe Careers’ Leadership Lab series, Lisa Kimmel talks about what she learned from her experience acting as Edelman president and CEO Richard Edelman’s chief of staff for one week. Drawing inspiration from that experience, Lisa held the first executive job shadowing program in Toronto. Read the full article here.

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Richard Edelman and Edelman Toronto’s Dave Fleet have been named to Communications Degree Guide’s list of ‘The 30 Best Communications and PR Blogs 2014.’ Richard Edelman recently celebrated a decade of blogging, with his blog  6 a.m., and took the top agency blog spot on the list. Dave Fleet, senior vice president, Canada east digital, was recognized for his personal website, davefleet.com, and for his post “15 Top Tips for a Successful PR Career.” Read the full Communications Degree Guide list here.



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