How long have you been working at Edelman?

I just passed my three year anniversary.

How has Edelman changed since?

In Vancouver Edelman has changed a lot. When I started in 2012 our digital team basically consisted of myself, until Steven Park, our SVP for Digital joined about 4 months later. Now we are an entire department with Strategists, Community Managers, Designers, UX, and Project Managers. We’re busier than ever because digital is now woven into almost everything we do for our clients.

How do you think your department will change in the next five years?

Five years? How about five months! The digital and social media space change almost every day. What’s exciting about working in digital is that we are constantly changing our strategies, tactics, and testing out new platforms to find success for our clients. It’s hard to even imagine what that will look like in five years. Whatever happens, I’m excited and ready to take on the challenge.

What book had the most influence on you?

I’m in digital, what’s a book? Kidding aside, I’m actually always listening to podcasts when I’m on my way to work or walking around the neighbourhood. They’ve opened up my world to so many random stories and facts that I don’t think I’d ever be exposed to otherwise. The way these stories are told and the array of information I’ve learned has inspired me to think differently when facing problem or can help spark a creative idea.  Some of my favorites are 99% Invisible, Criminal, Invisibilia, and Radiolab.

What are you doing when you have your best ideas?

This is kind of cliché, but I usually have my best ideas when I’m in the shower or looking out the window at my desk. It probably has to do with the fact that I’m pretty glued to technology most of the time, so those rare occasions when I let my brain wonder is when I come up with my best ideas.

What PR expression do you wish people would stop overusing?

In the tech space, I think Silicon Valley did a hilarious take on this with their TechCrunch Disrupt Parody. The amount of times I’ve heard “truly local, mobile, social” thrown around in the wrong context is quite funny.

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