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Building a Groundbreaking Technology Brand


Shortly after coming onboard, Nsolv’s new CEO identified gaps in the way the organization talked about itself. In preparation for entry into the marketplace, Nsolv engaged us to craft new key messages that would help them attract partnerships and secure investments from major energy producers. We recognized that given the niche nature of Nsolv’s business, we needed to go a step further and completely reimagine the company’s identity.




Nsolv’s groundbreaking technology, which significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions, needed a proper introduction to the industry, potential investors and partners. To accomplish this, we unified the company’s brand message by developing a new core narrative and visual identity. Throughout this process, we’ve worked closely with Nsolv to develop a new logo and website, while providing them with ongoing earned media and corporate communications support.

“Our collaboration with Edelman resulted in the fruitful development and advancement of our business.  There is now a buzz around our company that didn’t exist like this a year ago.”

- Joseph Kuhach, CEO, Nsolv Corporation


The new brand has been implemented across multiple channels and has made a significant impact with its niche audience. We’ve secured over 263 media hits and the Nsolv website was viewed by nearly 5,000 unique users during its first year.