The news moves by so fast that it’s difficult to see patterns and trends while we’re in the thick of it – so the end of the year is a good time to pause and reflect on the world around us. Join host Sophie Nadeau as she looks back at 2018 and takes a leap forward into 2019 trends with two favourites from our first season: Columbia Journalism Review’s Mathew Ingram and the City of Toronto’s chief communications officer Brad Ross.

If it happened in media this year, Mathew Ingram likely dug into it. Currently the chief digital writer at the Columbia Journalism Review, he’s also worked for Fortune Magazine, Gigaom and spent many years with the Globe and Mail.

Brad Ross has had a killer year. Recently named the City of Toronto’s Chief Communications Officer, Brad spent the last decade as the Executive Director of Corporate & Customer Communications for the Toronto Transit Commission.

“What makes people share things is that they feel something, an emotion…hate, fear, love. Dogs make people feel love, Trump makes people feel anger. Those things make you want to share.”

- Mathew Ingram