Bringing together the wide-ranging Data, Insight, Analytics, Research and Data Science capabilities of Edelman, our DXI (short for Edelman Data & Intelligence) team provides data and analysis to help clients with their communications and other strategic needs.

We’re insights professionals at heart, keeping abreast of methodological advancements as they evolve. Our DXI team has skillsets encompassing primary and secondary market and audience research, performance marketing, and advanced analytics, underpinned by a deep network of preferred data and technology providers and proprietary solutions.

Utilizing data and intelligence to make communication more authentic and engaging, we help organizations build trust-based relationships with their audiences and stakeholders.

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Jennifer McLeod Macey, Senior Vice President, Regional Lead

Jennifer is the SVP of insights and analytics, leading a national team that develops and implements measurement strategies to drive better business insights, decisions, and actions. Jennifer is a Certified Analytics and Insights Professional (CAIP) with 20+ years of experience. 

Greg Whitfield, Senior Vice President, Performance Intelligence

Greg leads the Performance Intelligence division of Edelman Canada, a national team that develops and implements strategic paid advertising campaigns focused on business objectives and outcomes.

Greg has 20 years of traditional and digital media advertising experience, working across various media and full-service B2C and B2B marketing agencies, as well as on the client-side, in the U.K. and North American marketplaces. Having worked on all major categories throughout his career, Greg helps advertisers use data to deliver effective paid solutions at each stage of the consumer journey.