Significant disruption in the media ecosystem has fundamentally changed how audiences consume news and altered how newsrooms cover stories. The Canadian market continues to experience pressure from US competitors and a noisy environment overall. Traditional media, however, remains the most trusted information source in this country and the most powerful way to get your story across.

In this shifting communications landscape, we continue to redefine the way stories are told. We take a multi-channel, integrated approach to social, digital, and traditional media and maintain strong relationships across outlets.

Our team of experts and seasoned practitioners have deep and meaningful relationships with every Canadian newsroom that matters. In combination with our data-informed strategy, this serves to best support clients as they work to navigate their media needs.

Sophie Nadeau, Vice President, Reputation, Executive Training & National Earned Media Lead

Sophie leads Edelman’s Earned Media specialty in Canada and has twenty-five years of experience in storytelling and public relations. In her time with the firm, she has counseled more than 100 companies & organizations as they navigate challenging media issues. Prior to her time at Edelman, she counseled two U.S. Ambassadors to Canada, the Auditor General of Canada, and trained countless clients in the public and private sector on how to connect to audiences through the media.

Sophie spent the first decade of her career in journalism in a variety of roles at CTV, CBC, CPAC and elsewhere.