Being original has never been easy. And in a world where everybody gets a channel, what does it mean to be creative? We’re long past the influence of Mad Men telling us what’s cool and fresh. It’s also never been noisier. What does it take to cut through?

On this episode of the Middle, is creativity dead? Join host Sophie Nadeau as she dives into creativity in the digital age with Google Canada's Miles Savage and Edelman Canada's Andrew Simon – two guys who haven’t given up on chasing a brilliant ideas.

Miles Savage is the agency lead at Google Canada. He works at the intersection between the advertising agencies and Google, supporting the creative work that flows through the platform. Before working at Google, he worked with many of the brands you know and love, including McDonald's and Unilever.

Andrew Simon is the Chief Creative Officer for Edelman Canada. He is our arbiter of our great ideas, with a career’s worth of advertising and creative experience on both sides of the border. He is redefining what creative persuasion looks like in an evolving media ecosystem.

“Creativity doesn't need to be defined by a channel and I think that's the biggest problem that exists today – we all try to put things in boxes. That's where creativity is getting watered down from what it really is.”

- Miles Savage

If you'd like to continue the conversation, you can find all of our speakers on Twitter, Miles is @savagemiles, Andrew is @andrewlsimon