While today’s world of influencers may be newer, the power of influence is timeless. For nearly 70 years, we’ve earned impact for brands by influencing the stories people tell – in media, in conversation, and in the full ecosystem of culture. Equal parts relationship-trust and data-driven intelligence, we tell stories that ignite conversation, action and create measurable impact.

Our team of dedicated and seasoned influencer marketing specialists have helped organizations across all sectors including brand, health, corporate, B2B and Tech harness the power of influencer marketing to solve for unique business challenges regardless of where within the marketing funnel they lie. We activate trusted voices on behalf of brands to earn attention and build authentic relationships that ultimately drive impact and action for brands.

Sara Rezaee, Vice President and National Lead, Influencer Marketing

Sara is the National Influencer Marketing Lead for Edelman Canada, helping Canada’s top brands activate strategic and thoughtful influencer campaigns that deliver on business objectives.  As a seasoned influencer marketing strategist, Sara has a deep understanding of the Canadian influencer landscape and the latest trends and best practices for the influencer marketing industry. She has established strong relationships with content creators and agencies from multiple channels across Canada and the U.S., and effectively counsels clients of all sectors and practices on engaging influencers strategically to deliver on business objectives.