If you put content up on the web and no one is around to read it, does it still provide value? That’s the existential question facing every corner of the media ecosystem. A tough nut to crack. If you’re an established content creator – a big media company like The New York Times or a super popular commercial brand like Unilever – you’ve got a head start. An advantage. In this space, new guys are scrappy renegades who can tell us a lot about what works and doesn’t work. David Skok, the Editor in Chief of The Logic and James Mirtle, the Editor in Chief and a columnist for The Athletic in Toronto, join host Sophie Nadeau, Edelman Canada’s National Media Lead to talk about chasing audience.

“I think that people have to believe in their content and in their value more than maybe they do. Believe that it's not just about the institution you work for…We've seen this: you have your own personal brand that you can sell and you can market and so there are definitely more opportunities for things like these than currently exists in Canada. That's what I've learned. That I should have believed more that it was possible than I did.”

-James Mirtle, Editor in Chief, Columnist, The Athletic.

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