Just as Vancouver is Canada’s gateway to the Asia Pacific region, Edelman Vancouver is a communications gateway to clients operating in an increasingly connected global economy. To Canada’s third most populous city, we bring a staff of 40 leaders in the industry. We are not just the largest public relations company in the market; we’re one of the most innovative.

Our strength lies in our fully integrated offering — we bring together public and media relations, creative services, digital development, social media and more. That effort is what puts us at the forefront of Edelman's approach to public engagement.

Our unique geographic location shapes our work in many ways — particularly when it comes to the global energy story.  As Asia’s demand for energy increases, Canada’s Pacific coast is playing a bigger role in delivering Canadian resources to those markets. Edelman Vancouver was instrumental in securing the first fully permitted Liquefied Natural Gas facility on the West Coast of North America, and continues to work with global energy players to help build relationships with local communities and First Nations.

We are proud of our work, but also our impact on communities. Edelman Vancouver is responsible for launching The Little Give, an award-winning annual corporate social responsibility program that sees teams of Vancouver staff working non-stop for 48 hours to help non-profits achieve their goals. The Little Give was recognized with an Edelman Quality Award, and has expanded throughout our Edelman network in Canada — making a big difference both in our communities and in our internal culture.