The Edelman web studio is a global offering that is well integrated with its friends across the network. It services more than 15 Edelman offices worldwide, including Canada, the United States, and China, and is proud to work on a high volume of ongoing projects at the time.

Data, design, code... the team is full of technology aficionados. The web studio has been coding since the floppy-disk age and its bedrock is made from the best web technologies such as JavaScript, Node, PHP and SASS.

 Starting at design all the way through website hosting and maintenance, all work is done from scratch and our daily stack is constantly evolving to offer the latest digital trends to our clients.

Continuous improvements, the addition of new features, on-going content management, and technical support are part of our Digital Care Plans. But our care goes beyond code; we develop collaboration and integration at the speed of our digital world.

Matt Collette, Head of Digital

Matt Collette has more than 17 years of integrated experience across digital, social media, analytics and content marketing working with brands on a variety of global remits. He has a deep passion for addressing the complex marketing challenges of modern businesses through creativity and technology and believes in the power of digital as a driver of change.​