Volunteer PSA Film

4-H Canada

Brand Awareness | Promotional Campaign

Creative Solution

With an opportunity to raise awareness and inspire participation with wider groups of Canadian communities, we wanted to ensure the PSA spoke to a new volunteer base as well as re-engaging with past alumni audiences. We understood 4-H Canada’s desire to evolve its brand, while respecting its 100+ year history and presented it with a nostalgia-based, emotional storyline, fit into a mere 90-second film. 


Leveraging recent perception and brand research from alumni and the general population, we were able to identify core audiences and engagement opportunities that would resonate the most with the evolved groups. Volunteers play a significant role in youth development, so we wanted to find a way to strategically present a story that took viewers along the journey of community involvement and would inspire their own ideas on ways to pay it forward through 4-H Canada participation. Essentially, finding ways to speak to a prospective volunteer’s “why”. In addition, we shared a comprehensive paid media strategy to supplement our reach expansion efforts. Following participation in Edelman’s Live Brief process, we achieved full confidence from the 4-H Canada team to execute on this idea. 


Through this work, we delivered one comprehensive campaign strategy proposal, a paid media campaign strategy, one 90-second hero film, one 30-second, one 15-second and three 6-second versions of the film for promotional tactics. We also released 210 variations of static assets on social media and programmatic placements in addition to the deployment of the suite of videos across Canada. All assets were created in both French and English and were distributed to relevant audiences. 


Edelman exceeded all KPIs identified by the client in the creative and campaign’s delivery. The following items were the tangible outcomes: 

  • Impressions:  97,432,869 (KPI: 50M, exceeded our goal by 194%)

  • Clicks to Site: 279,984 (KPI: 50K, exceeded our goal by 559% )

  • Median Total Volunteer Inquiries: 5,185 (KPI:5K)*

* For Total Volunteer Inquiries, Edelman had two reference points for data collection. It is common for there to be a 10-15% discrepancy between sources, so one cannot be deemed more accurate than another. Based on the median, the campaign fulfilled the KPI. 




clicks to site


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