Oat Yes We Did


Brand Awareness | Promotional Campaign

Becel recognized the need to provide alternatives for their dairy-based products, and so came the launch of the Becel with Oat Beverage. We were tasked with driving awareness, consideration, and trial of their latest plant-based spread. 


Our target audience is looking for wellness content that’s unpretentious and a little less serious. In today’s climate, they are craving levity. Becel with Oat Beverage has delicious taste, the spreadable consistency of dairy-based options, and the wellness benefits people can rave about. It’s almost perfect, except for the puns it inspires.  


Oat yes, we did! To build awareness for the new Becel spread, we hooked our audience with the most oat puns we could muster up to drive home the idea that Becel has all the goodness of oats they crave, while simultaneously doing a bit of good for local communities.  


An integrated, multi-channel campaign, featuring Canadian comedian Andrew Phung. At the centre: an eight-minute-long video featuring 154 oat puns (one for every year Canada has been a country, in a nod to the brand’s heritage), where the brand donated a meal for every pun watched. A Quebec-specific execution – featuring Francophone stars Antoine Pilon and Antoine Olivier Pilon – brought the same comedic spirit to life in a way that would overcome the language barrier of pun-filled language.  


Not only was the creative territory rich and adaptable for custom channel-specific executions, but it resonated with Canadians in both English and French. Consumer engagement on the campaign’s digital content also allowed the brand to donate thousands of meals to Canadians in need, even surpassing our goal in the Quebec market in under 24 hours.  


Sales Lift Growth

in three weeks post launch


Media Impressions


Meals Donated

to local charity partners from consumer engagement