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Brand Awareness

In March 2020, a single misinformed tweet about ibuprofen use and COVID-19 caused Advil’s brand trust and market-share to fall, even as they sought to become part of the post-vaccine conversation. Our challenge was to build back Advil’s brand equity, trust, and market share by driving a positive association for the brand with post-COVID-19 vaccine care.

We knew Canadians wanted the vaccine but were worried about the possible side effects. And we knew that historically our audience believed Advil was a trusted partner in pain relief. Based on our research, there was a clear need to remind Canadians of the trust they have in Advil. We needed to help shift the consumer mindset from pandemic problems to post-vaccine possibility, harnessing Canadians’ desire to “return to normal” after the vaccine. With such strong brand awareness, we developed our strategy to continue to build top of mind awareness, with consideration being our key focus area – more often, and for more types of pain.


Our insight was grounded in Advil’s brand positioning: to reclaim life’s possibilities – but in lockdown, “life’s possibilities” were feeling like a distant memory. Canadians had faced more than a year of lockdowns, social isolation, variant strains and all the fear and anxiety that came with it. After going so long without seeing one another, without celebrating, and without feeling the zest of all that life has to offer, Canadians were looking for a way back.


Few professions felt this pain point more acutely than people whose livelihood (and passion) depended on being together with a crowd of people – like musicians, drag queens and comedians – all eager to get back to the stage. Advil’s #AfterMyShot Sessions gave live performers the mic to talk about why a pain-free post-vaccine experience has helped empower their plans to take the stage once again.


We developed an integrated digital, social and earned media campaign to reach Canadians who were eligible to receive their first and second vaccinations and would be at risk of side effects, including headache, fever, and pain at the injection site. Armed with research about the channels they use and the people they are influenced by, we grounded our campaign and materials in the production of five exclusive #AfterMyShot sessions with Canadian entertainers, celebrating what they were looking forward to most about getting back in front of a live audience, giving fans a taste of what is to come after their shot.


This campaign helped to change the trajectory of sales volume and share for Advil as part of the brand’s overall pandemic recovery strategy. Advil has experienced consistent month on month brand sales growth ahead of target as well as share improvement despite additional ongoing COVID-19 related supply challenges, while also surpassing pre-pandemic run rates. #AfterMyShot re-connected Canadians with the pain relief product as demonstrated by the accelerated recovery, indicating the campaign’s ability to foster top of mind consideration for Advil vs. competitors.


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CPRS National Awards 2022

Healthcare Campaign of the Year

GOLD: Edelman - Advil’s #AfterMyShot

CPRS ACE Awards 2022

Healthcare Campaign of the Year

SILVER: Haleon, Advil’s #AfterMyShot

IABC OVATION Awards 2022

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