C-Suite executives pride themselves on making the best decisions possible for the financial and cultural health of their company. It’s why they have little tolerance for glaring inefficiencies that negatively impact overhead or operating costs. But when it comes to saving energy, these inefficiencies are often less obvious. So, Save on Energy aimed to inform these executives leaders with some simple truths they could relate to while increasing awareness of the business incentives available to them through a retrofit program.


Marketers have a default tone and manner when communicating with C-suite executives and it’s drier than the Sahara desert… So, to capture the attention of our target, we created a light-hearted video series featuring visible inefficiencies that Ontarian business leaders would naturally balk at using outdated technology around the office like a fax machine, hosting wildly inefficient meetings and a brutally disorganized warehouse environment – while alerting them to more invisible inefficiencies they may be unwittingly allowing. We promoted the videos across social and digital, driving our target to a unique landing page that contained additional resources for businesses and a call-to-action to learn more about Save on Energy incentives. 


The campaign contributed to a 22% ROI in new incentives. Additionally, it generated 5.4M impressions, 2.4M video views and over 27.7K clicks to the campaign’s landing page, making it one of the most successful campaigns for Save on Energy to date.