The world is obsessed with physical appearance, and the rise of social media and photo filters certainly haven’t helped matters. Due to this phenomenon, it’s only natural for people to ignore what's on the inside. Like osteoporosis. It’s a disease that affects two million Canadians, quietly weakening bones and often going undiagnosed until it breaks them. Recognizing that there’s nothing sexy about bone density, we decided to bring the inside out on a grand stage, in the process reminding people how fragile humans are and the importance of protecting that which we can’t see. 


We took the invisible and made it highly visible. Working in partnership with prominent Canadian fashion designer David Dixon, we created an 18-piece high-fashion collection inspired by bubble wrap, the universal symbol for protection. The pieces were designed to highlight areas that are most susceptible to fractures – the spine, wrist, shoulder and hip. To launch the collection in grand style, we secured opening night of Toronto Fashion Week, North America’s second largest showcase. We found the perfect location and backdrop for the runway show, the majestic Royal Ontario Museum, featuring dinosaur fossils and bones. On February 5, 2019, a crowd of hundreds, including media, fashion editors, influencers and patient organizations watched as 15 of Canada’s top female and male models walked the catwalk.  


In addition to the 200 media stories and 461 million earned impressions that Bübl Fashion generated, post-campaign quantitative and qualitative research demonstrated how deeply our campaign resonated with our key target of females 35+. Key findings included:

  • 91% of those surveyed stated they were made more aware of the disease as a result of the Bübl™ fashion campaign;
  • 87% indicated they know more about their personal health risks toward osteoporosis because of the initiative;
  • 57% of respondents were more likely to take some action to learn more about osteoporosis; and, respondents were twice as likely to talk to a medical practitioner to learn more about osteoporosis than those who hadn’t seen the campaign.

Our Bübl campaign has been awarded numerous local and international awards including CMA awards for business impact and innovative media; Clios for partnerships and collaborations as well as events and public relations; an international Shorty Award for digital and social media; an international IABC Gold Quill Award of Excellence; and, a coveted Bronze Lion at the 2019 Cannes Festival of Creativity.