While the social and economic benefits of better understanding Canada’s culture of innovation are innumerable, no comprehensive research related to measuring and fostering a culture of innovation in Canada or around the world actually existed. Research related to innovation was only targeted to businesses – making the lens of innovation in culture quite limited.


Our idea was to create a signature piece of intellectual property that measured and tracked Canada’s culture of innovation, including how Canadians approached and valued it in society. The resulting Canada’s Culture of Innovation Index is an original piece of intellectual property with six dimensions: impacting a culture of innovation were identified and measured in a quantitative survey: diversity, collaboration, risk tolerance, creativity, curiosity, and openness to technology, all measured quantitatively against Canada’s core institutions.


At launch, the Index facilitated over 235 million impressions, generated 127 mentions on various media outlets, and 397 engagements. RHF is currently in its second year of the Culture of Innovation Index in partnership with Edelman.