Canadian office workers want more meaningful work and feel they’re spending too much time on menial tasks that leave them uninspired and unmotivated. Based on a commissioned survey of over 1,500 Canadian office workers, we discovered that meaningful work matters to them so much, they’re willing to make some significant sacrifices to do more of it. 46% would give up a raise to do more meaningful work and are willing to sacrifice an average of almost $9K a year to do so. Overwhelmingly, Canadians look to their employers to implement solutions that will help them handle their menial tasks so they can focus on work that matters to them.


We sought to raise awareness among Canadian IT and HR decision makers about the challenges and time constraints of manual office tasks and how workflow automation can help address the evolving needs of today’s workplaces. We leveraged our survey results for national and regional earned media outreach, digital content, an infographic, thought leadership and LinkedIn content and a report deep-dive for the Canadian sales team with industry-specific data.


This campaign secured 44 earned media placements with 100% key message pull through and 100% positive/neutral coverage, exceeding our earned media target by 330%. Media outreach secured coverage in top tier Canadian media including CBC, Toronto Sun and Yahoo! News.

“The Quest for Meaningful Work survey was our first piece of Canadian-specific Intellectual Property, and the campaign Edelman developed to launch it helped us significantly raise brand awareness in Canada and position ServiceNow as a leader in understanding and improving the employee experience so that we can make work, work better for people.”

- Candice Garmoe, Senior Director Corporate Communications, ServiceNow