Even though the US is only 4.4% of the world’s population, they produce 20% of the world’s garbage; much of it is packaging and printed paper. The US is in the midst of an increasingly urgent conversation about environmental damage from plastic containers and packaging. All the while, paper materials’ ease of recyclability and ability to be remade into new products is one of their major environmental benefits. Furthermore, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests that paper and paperboard recycling is going up year-over-year.


In 2019, Edelman saw an opportunity to raise awareness of Sustana Group in the US by leveraging social proof of its impressive roster of customers and partners. Edelman’s Montreal and Orlando offices worked together to craft an integrated marketing communications program, including strategic messaging, a media bureau and a thought leadership program, and digital program, including long-form content creation, sponsored content series, paid LinkedIn program, and social content. The program also featured custom creative, including a video case study for their Cup to Cup partnership initiative, a pilot that saw Sustana working closely alongside supply chain partners to collect and recycle 25 million used Starbucks coffee cups for processing into new cups.


Our program made a massive impact in the news cycle garnering 67 total media placements and 128M earned impressions. This included coverage in top tier outlets such as Bloomberg, Fast Company and Forbes, in addition to top sustainability trades, GreenBiz, TriplePundit/3BL and Sustainable Brands. Our Cup to Cup social campaign saw nearly 10K YouTube video views and 8.2K social media shares.

“Both Rolland paper and Sustana Fiber benefited from Edelman’s strength in promoting brands and reputations. The Edelman team has been a key factor in delivering strategies that have made an immediate impact, and sparked movements for Sustana in 2019. We look forward to a continued partnership in 2020.”

- Michele Bartolini, Senior Marketing Director at Sustana Group