CEOs face the ultimate reputational challenge: on one hand, they are broadly mistrusted, with more than 50 per cent of Canadians saying that they do not trust them. On the other hand, expectations are higher than ever, with more than 70 per cent believing they should speak out about key societal issues.

With expectations for business high and awareness of and trust in CEOs low, there’s a need for more engaged leadership to bridge this gap. The demand on today’s leaders is to be visible, personal and relatable with a clear purpose and a focus beyond the company itself.

Through the years, Edelman has worked with CEOs and leaders from a number of corporations, NGOs, and academic institutions. Informed by this work, we have developed a global, experience-and relationship-driven approach to build Engaged Leadership. We help CEOs and executives to:

  1. Define their narrative:  Executives should speak beyond spreadsheets and address industry trends and social purpose. Edelman can develop a platform and core content for executives that is authentic, personal, purpose-driven, and interwoven with an organization’s expertise, global reach, brand identity and external communications activities.
  2. Deliver with excellence: Canadians are looking for leaders to be accessible, visible and authentic. Edelman prepares executives for engagement opportunities – from speaking appearances to interviews, employee town halls or stakeholder meetings. We provide customized, individualized media and presentation training (localized to the relevant global markets), along with leadership coaching.
  3. Communicate across channels:  Leaders must express their values and purpose through direct engagement with stakeholders — particularly employees — and utilize multiple online and offline platforms to tell a consistent, relevant story that is easily discovered. Further, companies should deploy their most credible voices — the C-Suite, experts and employees — as spokespeople for the organization’s vision, purpose and performance. Edelman can secure speaking, elite media, digital and direct-to-influencer opportunities that allow the full bench of executives and experts to advance their story with critical stakeholders.

Bianca Freedman – Interim CEO, Canada

Bianca Freedman is the interim CEO at Edelman Canada and Edelman’s regional lead on Executive Positioning.

Prior to her role as interim CEO, Bianca held positions COO Edelman Canada and Interim General Manager, Edelman Calgary. Bianca led some of Edelman Canada’s largest and most complex files across both private and public sectors, promoting, protecting and evolving corporate reputations. Over the years, Bianca has worked with some of Canada’s most prestigious companies to transform the way they show up for employees, customers and shareholders.