What does the future of media look like? Okay, that's a big topic. But our media geeks still take it on, talking fake news and "trumours," ultra-niche content distribution, and where trust fits in. Steve Rubel, Edelman's Chief Content Strategist and Matthew Ingram, Chief Digital Editor at the Columbia Journalism Review join host Sophie Nadeau, Edelman Canada's National Media Lead, to shed some light on what media might look like in our increasingly digital - and polarized - world.

“I like to say, while content is king, distribution is King Kong. The people who really understand the new dynamics of distribution and adapt their content accordingly will be the ones who will succeed.”

-Steve Rubel, Edelman's Chief Content Strategist

If you'd like to continue the conversation, you can find all of our speakers on Twitter, Sophie is @sophienadeau, Steve is @steverubel, and Matthew is @mathewi.