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Digital Digest #235: Change is Good

Digital Digest: What Edelman Canada is reading in digital marketing, technology and strategy. Fresh links served up weekly. This edition of Digital Digest was edited by Rob Small, Caitlin Stewart, Charlotte Macgregor, Kira Borys and Erin Collett.

Sometimes, you have to step back and take a good look from a different angle. Easier said than done, right? Especially considering the time you’ve invested in your current approach. But this week, we’re serving up some brands who are, well, showing up differently. Whether you’re a classic beer using your storied past to brew up a new tale, a shorts retailer that’s gunning for the title of class clown or a tech company embracing a new approach to social media, we’ve got something for you. It’s a long weekend, so stop with the step-counting (yes, you), crack a cold one, read what was happening in digital this week, and enjoy the sun!

Who wears short shorts?

Shorts retailer Chubbies is looking for young guys who like to have fun on weekends with their friends (and long walks on the beach?). If that sounds too easy, it’s because it was. Over the past few months, Chubbies has transitioned its video content from YouTube to Facebook and is seeing exponentially more views. That’s not all – but engagement is up too. The strategy? Chubbies wants its followers to have a good time and laugh a little. And sure enough, once a piece of content begins to do well, Chubbies boosts it with paid amplification, targeting similar audiences and people who have previously checked out its content. The budget for this marketing feat is almost all digital – Chubbies is looking to figure out how to make the integrated campaigns stand out amongst a sea of traditional. Over the past three months, the brand has accumulated 12 million Facebook views and is adding 10,000 new fans per week. And as a bonus, we won’t deny that it looks like fun. So guys, it’s almost the long weekend. Turns out, size does matter – grab those short shorts and swim trunks and make the most of it! [AdWeek] Red Bull, mentioned in this article, is an Edelman client.

If you build it, they will come

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Employees are some of brands’ most valuable advocates and credible spokespeople. And with the term “employee engagement” becoming overused (maybe even to the point of losing all meaning), companies are looking for fresh ways to get their employees truly excited and involved. Hint: It’s not a newsletter. Lenovo took engagement to the next level in creating its own internal social network, “Lenovo Social Champions” to empower its people to create and share content throughout its new brand rollout. The platform includes external news and internally curated content, like videos from company events, giving staff a tool to celebrate being part of the company. This corporate rally cry has had a profound impact on engagement. Since March 2015, 2,000 employees have gotten on board. The moral of the story? Never settle for good enough. If the right vehicle or channel doesn’t yet exist for your message, create it. [Digiday] LinkedIn, mentioned in this article is an Edelman client.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere

Reshaping your brand doesn’t always mean you need to build a brand new one. So Guinness, a brewery that has served the same beer for 256 years (seriously), is reshaping itself through the ‘Brewers Project’. The new ads build excitement for the beer brands’ foray into new brews while telling the story of the people, places and heritages of one of the world’s most iconic beverages. One of the first ads, “Gates”, takes us behind the scenes of the St. James Gate brewery, telling the story of local brewers experimenting with new beers and dusting off old Guinness recipes. It also includes captions of each of the brewers from second and third generation families taking over from their mom or dad. So if you’re brewing beer, selling clothes or serving up a tasty snack, with this kind of history, a simple refresh can go a  long way. [Ad Age]

Digi health: So hot right now

We get it, you had a Fitbit before they were cool. But in 2015, it seems everyone is jumping on the digital health treadmill to stay ahead of the competition. To keep consumers engaged and up to speed on all the latest trends, fitness brands of all kinds – Nike, Zumba, Jawbone, among others –  are teaming up withvirtual reality companies and creating apps to showcase their products, demonstrate what a workout class or routine might entail, and even ease the nerves of those just starting to count their daily steps. . These brands have the right idea – the mobile fitness and health apps market grew at a rate of 87% from 2013-2014. When it comes to fitness and lifestyle, remember one thing: you don’t need to rebuild yourself in order to be successful – adapt to the changing digital landscape, take the time to understand what your consumers need and flex those creative muscles to reshape what you can offer. [Mashable].

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Digital Digest #234: Avoid Being Put Behind the Eight Ball

Digital Digest: What Edelman Canada is reading in digital marketing, technology and strategy. Fresh links served up weekly. This edition of Digital Digest was edited by Caitlin Stewart, Rob Small, Charlotte Macgregor, Kira Borys and Erin Collett.

It’s never good to only hear from brands when they’re in a moment of crisis; it ruins their credibility and public trust. People are generally in disbelief of their messaging because it is assumed they are just saying whatever will get them out of hot water. It’s important to proactively communicate with key stakeholders, including the general public on an ongoing basis to establish how you want to be perceived and build a rapport. Giving the public a behind-the-scenes view of your operations or commenting on what’s happening in the news helps to keep brands on the forefront of consumers’ minds. BUT – and there is almost always a “but” – brands must assess whether it is truly appropriate for their company to be commenting and any potential risks to avoid being put behind the eight ball.  Read more »

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